Photo (s) of the day…

I have to post 2 today… one is of my friend Manuela’s adorable cat Pinty.  Ever since I first met this cat, I have been dying to take his picture.  I mean, have you ever seen a cat with so much personality?  He’s also pretty much the cat version of a pug and he breathes really loud like he has a stuffy nose.  He cracks me up.  Without further ado – here’s Pinty the cat.

Photo #2 is my ode to cheese!  These are all from the bloomy-rind cave at Murray’s – mostly goat’s milk cheeses. Chevrot from France on the left, Selles-sur-Cher is the darker-colored goat cheese (covered in ash) from the Loire Valley and the white on on the right is Kunik – a goat’s milk cheese – with cow’s cream.  YUMMMMMM!


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