Photo 43 out of 365 – “Playstation”

This photo is of Adam, deftly riding horseback through the wild west from the comfort of our couch.  He just got a new Playstation game called Red Dead Redemption.  It’s actually a really amazing game – though not exactly the type I like to play.  I like the nice platform games like Super Mario Brothers where the objective is clear and where you can’t really get lost.  In 3-D video game worlds, my poor sense of direction is just magnified and I end up wandering around completely disoriented and irritated.  So I just watch.  This is what the game looks like (thought not really so blown out).

I just finished the last of my cheese boot camp and had a great experience.  55 cheeses in 2.5 days.  They said we each ate about 6 pounds of cheese over the course of the weekend!  YIKES!  Now it’s time for the season finale of Lost – I admit… I am super psyched.  Tomorrow night I will write about the end of boot camp and my favorite cheeses from today.


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