Photo 50 out of 365 – “The Jacksons”

Featuring…our friends, the Jacksons and some ridiculously gorgeous calligraphy.  Love this photo – captures the magic of the Jacksons and the magic of the lovely Pasquini wedding.  I have so much to write about our amazing food-filled, music-filled, love-filled weekend in New Orleans, but I’m sitting in a room with 14 people and I’m feeling antisocial.  I will write much more tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Photo 50 out of 365 – “The Jacksons”

  1. I love this picture and I’m so glad I met them.

    I’ve working on my write-up now as well. Where to start, it was all so beautiful.

  2. HA! There were like 3 of us being antisocial with our laptops in that room, weren’t there? Everyone else was being ICED!! BRO!

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