Photo 62 out of 365 – “Subway Platform at 34th Street” & The Brooklyn Boys

That guy is TOTALLY checking that girl out… looking all smooth – leaning against the beam all casual.   Too bad she’s not paying attention – or maybe she’s just trying to make it look like she’s not paying attention.  Hmmmm.

Well – tonight Adam and I are off to NJ for our “Brooklyn Boys” weekend.  For those of you who don’t know about this family tradition of mine – the “Brooklyn Boys” are my dad’s boys from growing up in Brooklyn.  They’ve all been friends since childhood – we even have a photo of all the boys in my dad’s Bar Mitzvah album from when they were 13.  They haven’t matured much since then! 🙂

So, 2 or 3 times a year – around Father’s Day, Labor Day & Christmas, we get together with the “Brooklyn Boys”, which isn’t really just boys anymore.  The group has expanded to include wives, children, spouses of children, children of children, etc.  Now it’s a group of around 25 or 30 and we’re all pretty much an extended family.  It’s a really special tradition.

Here is a picture of the “Brooklyn Boys” from our wedding (boys only) – the guy in the middle is Irving – he is in his mid 90’s and looks & acts like he’s not a day over 40. He’s amazing.

Photo by Cappy Hotchkiss (

And the extended version…

Photo by Cappy Hotchkiss (

So – here’s to life-long friendships & family traditions!  I’ll report in tomorrow from NJ.


4 thoughts on “Photo 62 out of 365 – “Subway Platform at 34th Street” & The Brooklyn Boys

  1. Nell –

    First, I LOVE the photo (of guy checking out girl), it’s so cool how you captured that moment w/the rest of the commotion going on in the subway station all around them.

    Second, have FUN w/the Brooklyn crew! Tell the fam I say hello.

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