Photo 68 out of 365 – “Jim Beam”

I did a fun photo shoot with my friend Robyn last night as I was packing to leave for LA.  This photo was pretty blown out – but I really liked it so I played around with the treatment.  With this violet/magenta hue and a little kicked up contrast I think Robyn’s looking pretty rock and roll… right?

Here are a couple others I really liked – props to Robyn for being such a good model and such a creative self-stylist.

Meanwhile, the first night of LAFF has been pretty awesome.  We are staying at the LA Athletic Club, which Adam described as “the scotch of hotels”… total old school private men’s club vibe going on – it’s kind of awesome.  Tonight we got to walk the red carpet and saw the opening film – The Kids Are All Right.  I thought the movie was excellent – really touching, great performances – especially by Mark Ruffalo, who was quite hot in this role as the organic gardening, strawberry rhubarb pie-baking, restaurant-owning, motorcycle-driving sperm donor.  Intrigued?

So… tomorrow is the big night (world premier of Hello Lonesome) – and it’s now 4:15 nyc time and I desperately need to go to sleep immediately. Send good vibes to LA!!  I’ll report in tomorrow.


One thought on “Photo 68 out of 365 – “Jim Beam”

  1. …I know this girl! Mixing Geneva people into NYC blog is blowing my mind right now.

    PS: I _love_ the boots/feet picture.

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