Photo 71 out of 365 – “Asher Under the Table”

My adorable little cousin Asher

So – I have a lot to say but I keep waiting until the end of the night to post and now I’m too tired to say what I want in a coherent way, so I’m going to wait until tomorrow.  I’ve gotten into the silly habit of posting late at night and it’s not conducive to writing for me – gotta break that habit.

2 quick things first:

  1. My dad rules.  I got to spend all day today (Father’s Day) with him watching festival movies.  We watched 4 in a row from 1:30 to midnight.  We were hard core.
  2. My favorite film of the day today was Bitter Feast – a story about a restauranteur who abducts and tortures a blogger who pans his restaurant.  It was quite a ride.

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