Photo 98 out of 365 – “Eli Rosenberg”

Settings: ISO 6400, f/2.3, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens

This is Eli – Bernese Mountain Dog supreme & canine supporting actor in Adam’s film Hello Lonesome.  He’s posing here for his midnight portrait at his home in Watermill, NY.  Adam and I arrived by train here last night for a weekend visit to our friends’ lovely country home.  It’s been a dreamy day – beginning with a stop at the farmers’ market where I met the owner of Mecox Bay Dairy – Art Ludlow – artisanal raw Jersey cow’s milk cheese maker in Eastern Long Island.  We tasted four of his cheeses and came home with a hunk of his raw milk cheddar as well as his raw milk gruyere.  YUM.  I told him I want to come learn how to make cheese on his farm.  He gave me his card.  SWEET.

After the market we came home for a day of play… frisbee, paddle ball, swimming, grilling and bubbles (we are also with two children… though I still think bubbles are totally magical).  God it feels SO good to be out of the city!!  I’ve been frolicking in the softest grass in bare feet all day!!!  What’s better than that??

Now I have to get ready for dinner, but I’ve been experimenting with new camera lenses all day so I should have an interesting photo of the day tomorrow!


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