Photo 103 out of 365 – “Just Another Day on 2nd Street”

Settings: ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/125, 50mm lens

Here’s our favorite friendly neighborhood drunk guy again.  I swear – by the end of this, I’ll be able to do an entire photo essay on this guy and his life on the sidewalks of 2nd street.   One of his friends (or acquaintances at least) was there yesterday – in the garden behind the fence and I sort of asked him for permission to take the shot – I didn’t want him to think I was being disrespectful. He gave me the go ahead and seemed to think it was all in good fun.  So here we are.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping all my fingers crossed as my photos of the past two and a half months are currently hanging in the balance.  I’ve been saving all my photos to an external drive and last night it accidentally dropped off my desk onto the wooden floor.  Ouch. This morning when I plugged it in… it made a sad little noise like it was trying to work, but couldn’t and then nothing. Double ouch.

No joke, Adam and I bought a new external drive (a terabyte) from the Apple store a couple weeks ago for me to back all my photography up with… unfortunately, we had not quite gotten around to it yet.  The last time I had backed up was April 30th. Oye vey.   So, this morning I took my poor little sick drive in to the Little Laptop Shop on Clinton.  I shed a little tear as I handed it to the guy, hopeful he’ll be able to work some magic and bring my baby back to life.  That’ll show me to procrastinate!  I guess this is probably an unfortunate lesson everyone learns once in their life.  So now… I’m sending my prayers to the technology gods…

Please technology gods, I have been a good girl and have fearlessly embraced all sorts of technology over the last year.  I have learned my lesson and promise to back up conscientiously from this day forward with no messing around!  Please grant me my photos back in good health… pretty please??

Fingers crossed… will keep you posted.

Going to see Inception tonight at the IMAX at Lincoln Center.  I’ll let you know what I think tomorrow.


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