Photo 117 out of 365 – “Jazz Man Giuseppi”

Settings: ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/100 sec, 50mm lens

Well this is cool.  I took this photo on the way to Trader Joe’s yesterday.  I was walking through Tompkins Square Park and saw this man playing away on his sax.  I was super drawn to him – as I often am to photographing old people.  Just look at him – his face told such a story to me… his eyes, so sad and expressive… the deep wrinkles in his forehead, his knobby fingers, his wooly beard.  I figured he was just your average homeless guy who knows how to play a little sax.  I gave him a dollar in exchange for a couple photos.  When I was done, he wrote down his name for me – Giuseppi Logan – and told me to look him up online.

I just did that and boy… I found quite a story!  Turns out, he was a very talented and important avant-garde jazz musician in the sixties here in New York.  He was trained at the New England Conservatory of Music and he even recorded a few albums.  It seems he was somewhat mentally ill and heavily into drugs and in the seventies, he totally disappeared for decades – everyone thought he was dead.  He was rediscovered again playing around Tompkins Square park in 2008. Here is a youtube video of him playing last year:

Here is another link, which tells more of the sad story.  I’m totally fascinated now.


4 thoughts on “Photo 117 out of 365 – “Jazz Man Giuseppi”

  1. WOW! What a find, Nell.

    In my RSS reader I keep track of all the 365’ers but if I’m just doing a 2 minute skim I’ll still always click on yours first. You get 1) great pictures of 2) riveting subjects and 3) have great supplementary info in every blog. Way to go, yo.

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