Photo 122 out of 365 – “Man in a Feather Cap”

"Man in a Feather Cap" - Settings: ISO 200, f/4.0, 1/200 sec, 50mm lens

I saw this guy strut his stuff down third avenue in Murray Hill yesterday afternoon.  Not your typical Murray Hiller – that’s for sure.  I was inside a restaurant having a drink with my friend Jen, when we saw this guy walk by the restaurant window.  I hadn’t taken my photo of the day yet so of course, I ran out the door to catch up with him.  He was totally cool and happily allowed me to photograph him – and I’m so irritated, because I totally took his name and email address into my phone and told him I’d email him the photos.  Meanwhile, I’ve gone through my phone contacts twice now and can’t find it!!  I must have entered it in wrong or something.

To prevent this from happening in the future, I have two very important things to add to my to-do list.

  1. Buy a little moleskin pad to keep in my camera bag at all times, so I can write down people’s names & email addresses and not lose them!!
  2. Make myself kick-ass, gorgeous and professional-looking business cards STAT!

I am definitely getting more comfortable asking people if I can photograph them, and with a business card in hand, I think I’ll feel that much more legit and will thus be able to be that much more ballsy about who I approach with my camera.  For example, looking back at my portraits, I realize I’ve barely taken any photos of women!  I am obviously much less intimidated asking men if I can photograph them.  I guess that’s because I’m a woman and I feel like I can turn on the charm a little bit with male subjects.  With other women, I’m afraid to even approach, but I think with a solid business card, I’ll feel much less intimidated.  Adam promised to help me with that so I’m going to try to have those designed by the end of this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Photo 122 out of 365 – “Man in a Feather Cap”

  1. I love this picture! What a character!

    Too bad you didn’t get his info. If only he was easily identifiable with a unique look, you might be able to spot him again…

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