Photo 139 out of 365 – “The Chosen Leaf”

"The Chosen Leaf" - Settings: ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/100 sec, 28-105mm lens (100mm)

I took this photo yesterday up by the Cloisters museum just as I was leaving at around five o’clock.  The afternoon light was gorgeous and as I was walking to the car, I saw this leafy area and had to pause.  I was mesmerized by the light shining through the leaves on the ground.  It was making them glow and the green color was so saturated.  This one leaf was soaking it all in – like it was enjoying the spotlight.  I took some photos – this time with my 28-105mm lens – and actually almost got hit by a bus in the process… oops.  But I love the way this came out – and I’m a bit surprised by the deep blues that I see now… I didn’t notice that while I was taking the pictures.

Anyway, yesterday was a crazy awesome day.  Adam’s company, Bodega, got hired to produce a video for Food Network, so we had a small crew out in the Hamptons to do a video interview with Bobby Flay (I was shooting B camera).  The interview was held at his brand new Hamptons house that was literally just finished two weeks ago.  It was gorgeous!!  Well, the parts I got to see at least.  I was a little nervous, because I had no idea if he would be nice – and here we were invading his home at eight a.m. while he’s on vacation.  But, once we arrived… my nerves totally went away.  He was SUPER nice.  In fact, he took me outside and gave me a tour of his ridiculous outdoor kitchen and then he decided to cook the crew breakfast while we set up our equipment!  Totally cool.  He made us a simple scrambled egg dish with fresh mozzarella, pancetta and some fresh herbs – along with some toast.  Nice and easy – and delicious of course.

So what a week!  I now have two video shoots under my belt and we have two more days of this Food Network job next week! It’s so exciting and I’m really enjoying shooting video.  It’s not really that much of a jump from photography because the major elements are lighting, focus and composition – and I’ve been practicing all of that with my photo project.  I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of this!  Adam and I were fantasizing on the way home from the shoot… I can totally see it now…. husband and wife filmmaker team – we write together, Adam directs, I am the cinematographer.  I mean… come on!  That is so freaking cool!

Now, I’m heading outside to get some air… it’s finally gorgeous outside!  Enjoy the weekend everyone… Happy Friday!


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