Photo 143 out of 365 – “Columbia’s Finest”

"Columbia's Finest" - Settings: ISO 800, f/3.5, 1/50 sec, 100mm macro lens

I took this shot last night with the Canon 100mm macro lens, which we rented for our Food Network job.  I seriously had the end of the lens INCHES away from these coffee beans.  Amazing.  I am totally buying this lens.  It will be awesome for food photography… specifically cheese photography, which I’m becoming quite fond of.   The coffee featured here is from Stumptown Roasters and it’s called Columbia Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, whew… what a day.  I left the house this morning at 8:15 am for a full day of shooting at Food Network.  Today we shot four executives in a variety of office settings – the SVP of Ad Sales, the SVP of Marketing, PR & Creative, the GM of Food Network and the GM of Cooking Channel.  About five years ago I would have KILLED to be in a room with these people.  Even today – I was starting to get the itch to go work for them.  Most of these high-level executives we’ve been interviewing seem like really amazing, creative and fun people!  Actually, I think instead of going back to a corporate gig, I should pitch them an idea for a cheese show… with me as the host.

“Nell Talks Cheese”

What do you think?  Can you see it?  Each episode will star me… roaming gorgeous countrysides all over Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, England, America – in search of the creamiest, yummiest, most delectable cheeses the world has to offer.  Hmmm…. I like it.  Just need to work on the whole camera-shy thing.

Tomorrow I’m leaving the house at 6:30 am for another shoot day out in the Hamptons.  I’m not even sure who’s being interviewed tomorrow – but when that’s over, we have a three-hour drive home and then I’m doing head shots for my lovely friend Jessica!  I’m super excited for that.  I met a woman who lives in my building who started her own photography business and she gave me some excellent tips for shooting up on my roof.  I’m feeling really confident now that I can get some great shots in the natural light – and Jess is a good model… she’s adorable and I’m sure the camera will love her!

Oh, and another amazing thing happened the other day! I’m telling you… the universe is starting to work with me here. A friend I met while doing my cheese boot camp at Murray’s is opening her own cheese shop in Brooklyn.  She sent me an email last week asking if I can take some product shots for her – and shots of the store once it’s finished.  She also said that she wants to feature local artists in her store and she loves my photography and would like to display my work in her shop!  AND… it will be for sale!  I am so pumped about this!  I’m going to work with my wonderfully creative friend Amie to come up with some framing solutions – barn wood perhaps?  And now I have to pick out which photos to display.  I’m thinking along the rustic theme – if anyone has any favorites, please – let me know!  I always have a difficult time picking favorites from my own work!!

Now – I’m going to go flop on the couch.  Once Adam gets home we are ordering Westville (a weekly staple in our home)… turkey burgers with cheese.  Yum.  See you tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Photo 143 out of 365 – “Columbia’s Finest”

    • Thanks Matt! awesome – how long have you had the lens for? I totally want it – tell me, have you tried to use it as a portrait lens at all or just for macro work? If I can use it for both, I am definitely buying that one first. Let me know!

  1. Nell – that is so fantastic!! I love that even though I stop by here infrequently, each time I do, there is something exciting and wonderful happening in your life that makes you feel great. You really shine through your writing and your photos. xoxox

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