Photo 165 out of 365 – “Nuns of Alphabet City”

"Nuns of Alphabet City" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/4.5, 1/40 sec, 28-105mm lens (75mm)

Last night I took my camera and walked over to the East River to get some shots in for the day.  It was the perfect time of night – the sun was starting to set and the water looked beautiful!  Here is a photo I shot which was a close runner-up to the nuns.  It gives you an idea of how gorgeous of an evening it was – just look at that full moon!  These are new high-rise apartment buildings in Williamsburg – right across the river from my hood.

"Moon Over Williamsburg" - Settings: ISO 400, f/10, 1/250 sec, 28-105mm lens (65mm)

Anyway, by the time I headed back it was starting to get dark.  I crossed the 6th street overpass over the FDR and ended up behind these nuns.  I was glad, because I had to walk six blocks down Avenue D and Avenue D still makes me a little nervous – especially when I’m walking around with my nice camera.  So I just kept a slower pace than normal and followed the nuns – I figured nobody would mess with nuns right?  Of course – I had to take pictures.  They’re so cute – all different shapes and sizes.


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