Photo 172 out of 365 – “Dancing Shoes”

"Dancing Shoes" - Settings: ISO 6400, f/1.8, 1/80 sec, 50mm lens

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I was kind of uninspired taking photos around the neighborhood and by eight o’clock at night, I only had two pictures I thought were passable for my photo of the day… but they were rather boring.  Luckily, we then received a text message from our friends Dan & Yvonne, who happened to be right up the street drinking beer and eating apple strudel at Zum Schneider in honor of Yvonne’s birthday and Oktoberfest.  We met them at the bar, listened to some loud and fun German folk music and enjoyed some delicious Oktoberfest wheat beer while we caught up.  When we went outside to leave, I noticed Yvonne’s rocking shoes!  It was just the inspiration I needed for photo 172.  Thanks Yvonne!

Now – I must finish packing for Woodstock!  Tune in tomorrow for updates from the festival!


2 thoughts on “Photo 172 out of 365 – “Dancing Shoes”

  1. Thanks for coming out on such late notice! I got a lot of love for those shoes yesterday. I actually used them as my photo of the day back on Day 8, using a point and shoot so it’s a bit unfocused. This one is better and I like the black sheen. Have fun in Woodstock!

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