Photo 178 out of 365 – “Gossiping Window Women”

"Gossiping Window Women" - Settings: ISO 3200, f/4, 1/100 sec, 50mm lens

My friend Jess got us these adorable little window women for a wedding present last year.  I’m on a kick lately – taking pictures of inanimate objects and giving them some life.   It’s rather fun.  Maybe I’ll do a whole little series.

Meanwhile, this week I’m getting everything together for my first photography display at Brooklyn Victory Garden in Clinton Hill!  Because the photos will be hanging fairly high up – higher than eye-level – I decided to make pretty big prints.  Most of them are 20×30 and then I have one smaller one – 16×24.  I took the files to Luster Photo Lab in the East Village to have the prints made.  The husband and wife team there were so patient and helpful and completely walked me through the process.  I was definitely overwhelmed – I’ve never done this before… I’m kind of flying by the seat of my pants and it’s shaping up to be a pricy little experiment.  But wow – it was awesome seeing my photos this morning, all blown up and looking gorgeous!  Then I went to 567 Custom Framing on 14th street, where a guy named “C” helped guide me through the world of framing.  I ended up keeping it pretty standard with an off-white matte and a simple, thin, black wood frame.   I can’t wait to see them all finished next week!  I think there’s a gallery feature on this blog… so tomorrow, I’ll try to set up a gallery to show you which photos I’m displaying. Until then … my couch is calling.  Busy day.  I need to be horizontal now. 🙂


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