Little Girl on the F Train

Photo 276 out of 365 – “Little Girl on the F Train”

"Little Girl on the F Train" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/4, 1/125 sec, 50mm lens


I spent much of the day in midtown yesterday and I must say, I find midtown to be a very difficult place for photo inspiration.  It was on my way home, when I found inspiration sitting across from this little girl on the subway.  She was such a gorgeous little thing – with enormous brown eyes.  She was speaking a different language with her mother, but quietly, so I couldn’t really make out which language it was.  It seemed as though she was mad at her mom for something, because she kept making this angry face with a furrowed brow (which was incredibly cute).  Then she looked up at me – and I smiled.  She maintained her angry face, so I sort of copied her and furrowed my brow and pouted too.  That made her smile a little bit.  Then she stuck out her tongue at me and I stuck mine out right back at her.  That really made her smile.  No one noticed we were having this little moment, which made it all that more fun.


4 thoughts on “Little Girl on the F Train

  1. She is a cute girl !! and what a fantastic moment you had … I´m very shy when it comes to photograph people in the street, I wish I had a camera in my eyes so people won´t notice me taking a picture. I do love this type of photography!!

    • I’m still shy when it comes to taking pictures of strangers too. I have to be in the mood… and usually, I’ll ask them, but then it sort of takes you out of that spontaneous moment a bit and becomes more posed… it’s a constant struggle for me. Thanks for the comments!

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