The Universe is Funny…

Lately I’ve been finding that cool coincidences keep happening and they end up inspiring me in one or more of my pursuits.  Is it the universe working with me?  Who knows… but I like it.  If you remember, I recently wrote about the photographer Ernst Haas, who I had just discovered through a friend of a friend’s website.  I really loved his work and especially his philosophy on art, photography and life in general.  Well, after I posted about him, our close friend Mark wrote me and told me he’s currently working with Haas’s children to put together a documentary film about him.  Crazy right?

And then last week, I went to the nursing home on Tuesday (as I do most every Tuesday), and there was a new woman volunteering there. We introduced ourselves and got to chatting and low and behold, it turns out she (her name is Beck) and her husband are in the film business too.  In fact, we saw a film her husband (Larry Fessenden) produced out in LA when we had our world premiere for Hello Lonesome and I totally loved it!  It’s called Bitter Feast – an awesomely entertaining foodie/horror film and my favorite film I saw at the LA Film Festival (besides Hello Lonesome of course). 🙂   Adam and Larry also spoke on a panel together at the Woodstock Film Festival back in October.  Small world.

Meanwhile, Beck has worked as a production designer, art director, producer and writer on several films, but her current passion is stop-motion animation, which she pretty much taught herself how to do (along with a little help from one SVA class).  Very inspiring.  I completely fell in love with this piece she created for NYC singer/songwriter Elizabeth and the Catapult.  See for yourself.

Amazing right?  I love meeting creative awesome people.

Anyway, here is my photo from yesterday:

Photo 283 out of 365 – “Washington Square Arch”

"Washington Square Arch" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/4, 1/100 sec, 50mm lens

I also have to tell you about a delightful cheese plate I put together last night – but I have to run so I’ll write about it tomorrow!  Stay dry!


4 thoughts on “The Universe is Funny…

  1. It’s a tiny universe!
    I had dinner with Larry last year and my old editor edited Bitter Feast. I just saw they’re selling it at “our” local video store, Kim’s!
    Very cool very cool, Nell. And in other tiny universe news, my good friend Claire (from Film Movement) whose movie I AE’ed told me that she just met with Adam about Hello Lonesome a few weeks ago… Love New York!

  2. I know the feeling, I´m used to saying “this is so Auster” (since one of Paul Auster´s recurrent theme is chance) …
    Lovely video and nice photo!! there are people that really inspires us!

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