One of those weeks…

This week has just been one of those weeks!  I feel like it has to be a full moon or something – but it’s not, because I looked up the lunar cycle online.  Side note… can we talk about how awesome it is to be able to look up any question you have IMMEDIATELY at any time?  I’ve been recently developing a deep love for the internet for this reason.  Curious minds have every piece of information at their fingertips!  Amazing. Anyway, I’m just feeling off this week!  I’ve been a little anxious, feeling like I’m not getting anything done, feeling the hours in the day are just flying by.  I’m a little overwhelmed.

I recently signed up for this “Mastermind” program that my career coach started.  I was inspired by the lunch we had about a month ago and thought it would be a good thing for me to participate in.  It’s a once a month phone session with a small group for twelve months, where we focus on our goals, what we’re trying to achieve and how we’ll get there.  I was really excited when I first signed up, but then she sent me this worksheet to fill out that asks questions like…

Specifically, what would you like to achieve with your career in the next twelve months?

This question made me freeze!  Oh god… I need to focus on a clear goal concerning my career??  Thinking about this instantly gave me anxiety!  I thought about all the career ideas I’ve been juggling lately… photographer, writer/blogger, cheese consultant, online dating consultant (yup… have I mentioned that one yet?).  My interest in these career ideas comes and goes. For example, when I met with Maggie (career coach), we were blabbing over lunch and she pointed out to me that I was talking about cheese stuff much more than photography stuff.  Now, I am feeling much more fueled by the photography and I’ve been taking a little cheese break (I am trying to lose my winter weight… so that could be why).  So, at the root of some of this career anxiety is the fact that I know that I am interested in several things at once and I get bored fairly easily and I like to shift my attention to whatever it is at the moment that is getting me excited.  Is this a total flaw?  Can I pursue several things at once and change course when I want to?  Can I actually build success in that way?

Of course – I’m putting all this pressure on myself.  No one is forcing me to establish a career at this moment but something in me is feeling a need to further define the direction I’m heading in.  Anyway, more on that later… I have to run!  Doing a yoga/pilates class and then going to pick out a flash at B&H.  I’m doing a photo shoot with my friend Jess tonight for my portraiture class homework.  Hopefully I’ll have some fun pictures to share with you tomorrow.

Oh – and speaking of Jess… Jess has started a blog and I’m loving it!  She’s a powerful writer and a great storyteller and I’m really proud of her for putting it all out there!  Check out her blog:  Don’t Scare the Normals.

And finally – my photos from the last two days:

Photo 333 out of 365 – “The Lens Has Two Faces”


“The Lens Has Two Faces” – Settings: ISO 1600, f/4, 1/80 sec, 100mm macro lens


I took this one in my bathroom mirror.  I worked on it for HOURS yesterday in Lighroom.  I liked the diagonal line down the center and wanted to play with color.  I tried a million different things and I still don’t exactly love it… but I ran out of steam!

Photo 334 out of 365 – “Taco Suave”


"Taco Suave" - Settings: ISO 3200, f/2.5, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens


I took this photo in the taco shop where Amie and I met for dinner last night before our photo lecture.  This guy worked there, and seeing my camera, he volunteered for a photo!  Of course I obliged.  Love his attitude!

Thanks for reading!  To be continued…


3 thoughts on “One of those weeks…

  1. Thanks for the shout out Nell Bell! I love you! Also, you might have run out of steam, but I’m totally diggin’ that photo. Nice work, friend. And also, also – follow your passions, follow all of them. They’ll lead you in the right direction.

  2. First of all….LOVE the photos Nell!

    As I read your blog, all I can think is Take a Deep Breath Nell, and Try to just Enjoy this very special time you have. Once you start makin’ babies, most likely, any “career” you figure out to pursue will be put on hold. For now, just follow your BLISS, and Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! You are amazing and enough…just the way you are!

  3. loved both pictures! and the guy was an amazing model!! what a gift!!

    as for the career thing, well, define success first. Multiple interests are not bad, why does a person need to be just one thing in life? why not being more than one? Pursue all your interests, enjoy every bit of the road and you´ll see that one day they will make a lot of sense and you´ll find youself where you are meant to be.And it´ll be a fabulous place because you´ll be happy.

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