It’s Wednesday at ten o’clock …

And my brain hurts and I can’t think of a better title for this post.

Photo 340 out of 365 – “Flair”

"Flair" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/2.5, 1/40 sec, 50mm lens

This dazzling piece of flair here belongs to my friend Jaime.  We had dinner last night at Mary Queen of Scots – a newish restaurant on the Lower East Side.   We were there for a special Scotch tasting, which was accompanied by some yummy snacks like Devils on Horseback (apple chutney filled dates wrapped in bacon and baked).  Delish.  Of course, I indulged a tad, but tried not to go crazy.   Everything in moderation right?  And no – this is not a bad spray tan.  Jaime is not this orange in real life.  I was having fun contrasting the blue and orange to make the necklace pop more.  Do you think it works?  I questioned if it was too much… but it was my first impulse so here it is.

Tonight I went to another photography lecture at ICP.  Tim Barber was the photographer.  He runs a site called Tiny Vices, where he curates work submitted to him from all over the world.  I’m thinking I might submit some photos for the hell of it… see what happens.  He showcases a huge array of artists and styles and he said in the lecture tonight that he personally looks at every single submission himself, which I think is pretty cool.

On another note, the Brooklyn apartment search has been officially set in motion.  Yee haw baby!!  We have a broker.  He rocks.  I’m getting really excited to move.  But man… moving in NYC is stressful.  Just to give you an idea, for a May/June move, he said we shouldn’t even start looking until the last week of March/first week of April.  And then, when you see a place you like, you pretty much have to take it on the spot, or else someone else snatches it!  It’s totally high pressure.  Typical of New York.  Just another adventure I guess.  Brooklyn here we come!!

Ok – it’s now past my official flop time.  Bye for now!


6 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday at ten o’clock …

  1. the same thing happens here, that´s why sometimes I have two apartments!! because I have to rent one while I´m living in another one, it´s crazy!! so for some weeks, I can sleep one night here and one night there, it´s like being a millionaire but with no money LOL

    • no place yet! just started the search! I think we’re shooting for a May or June 1 move. first choice as of now is brooklyn heights and cobble hill though so we’ll hopefully be neighbors!!

      • Ah.I read it as you found a place sooner than you thought you would. Looking forward to being neighbors! Keep us posted.

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