Happy Friday!

Photo 342 out of 365 – “Nighttime Drive”

"Taxi Driver" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/1.4, 1/80 sec, 50mm lens

I took this last night on the cab ride home from that AMAZING photography workshop with Dave Black.  Every time we stopped at a red light, the driver was highlighted by this nice red glow.  I kept trying to get it without being noticed.  This is my favorite one.  It was pretty contrasty without any editing at all in Lightroom, but I wanted to enhance the contrast a bit, so I upped the black a little and upped the exposure a little as well.  I liked the sort of abstract/comic-booky feel, so I added in a little grain because I thought it worked with that look.    I didn’t enhance the colors at all… which is surprising to me, because they are so crazy!  Right?

Anyway, happy Friday all!  I’m heading out to go get the most out of this blissful seventy-degree day!


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