Our New Pad

So we are BEYOND psyched!  We signed the lease last night and it’s officially official.  We are moving to Brooklyn in mid-July.  The neighborhood is Fort Greene – it’s a neighborhood I don’t know very well, but Adam is more familiar with it and it seems like a wonderful place to live.  It has beautiful tree-lined streets, a gorgeous park with tennis courts and playgrounds and running trails (right across from our apartment), a growing foodie scene and according the articles I’ve read… very nice, down-to-earth, artsy people…  my favorite kind. 🙂  The location is also really convenient as it’s nearby tons of different train lines.

The apartment is a WOW!  The building is an old firehouse that is now separated into three apartments.   It is a little more than we wanted to spend (typical) – but nothing too crazy.  And it’s so worth it!  It’s a totally unique space with such personality and possibility!  It has high ceilings, big windows and TONS of light (perfect for photography)!  It has a KILLER kitchen and … are you sitting down for this…. a washer and dryer!!!  OMG – I can die now.  I only have a couple pictures right now – but this will give you a taste.  I’ll post more once we’re in and it’s decorated with our stuff!

This is the view of the lower bedroom area from the lofted bedroom.  The door with the cool glass (behind the easel)  is the bathroom.  There is a large tree outside those windows – that makes me happy.  There is a ton of warm and beautiful wood – and that makes me happy as well.  I love wood.

And this beautiful space right here is our new dream kitchen!

I am seriously so psyched about this kitchen!  It’s got room for me to cook!  And room for a big dining table – it was love at first sight.  I totally have to up my chef game now and host some killer dinner parties.  I could hardly sleep the other night because I was so excited thinking of all the beautiful gifts we got for our wedding – dishes, silverware, platters, pots & pans, serving pieces, cutting boards, appliances, etc.  Most of these wondrous gifts have been waiting for us at my parents house because our tiny little apartment can’t fit anything!  Well now we’ll be able to fit it all!  It’s going to be like playing house – organizing everything all pretty in the glass cabinets.  I’ll just have to learn to be really neat as everything’s sort of on display – but that’ll be good for me.

So there you have it.  I couldn’t be happier.  It is a very warm, happy, light, airy, inspiring space – we both feel we are going to do great things in this apartment!  Our creative juices are already flowing!

Thanks to our parents who were in town visiting and served as our good luck charms!  Also to Luther – our super awesome broker who showed us the space.  It feels like it was made just for us.  Isn’t it sweet when a plan comes together?!

Brooklyn here we come!





9 thoughts on “Our New Pad

  1. Mazel Tov! It’s a great hood and I will see your Brooklyn Flea and raise you dinner at the Senegalese restaurant right around the corner! Maybe I’ll even walk my dog over to meet you!

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