Recuperating from Bachelorette Madness

As I sit here blogging, a woman from Flat Rate moving company is sitting on our couch making a list of all our belongings that will be accompanying us to Brooklyn next month so she can give us a cost estimate.  Ahh… moving.  I can feel the anxiety begin to bubble inside.   There’s so much to do… sort, purge, pack, change our address, get cable and phone hooked up in the new place, buy some new furniture, measure, blah blah blah.  I did a search online today for a “moving checklist” thinking I’d be all organized and start crossing things off early.  Well according to Real Simple, I should have started this all two months ago!  Oops. Oh well – just like every other big task, it’ll all get done and before I know it, we’ll be settled in our new apartment.  I can’t wait!

As for the bachelorette bonanza this past weekend… I had a great time!  It was full-on Sex & The City-style NYC action starting with dinner in Chelsea Friday night at a new Spanish/tapas restaurant called Selenas.  There we ordered one of my favorite new (to me) bar snacks… Shishito peppers with sea salt.  Have you ever had them?  They’re mini sweet/hot green peppers from Japan – not too spicy, but every once in a while you’ll pop a hot one in your mouth!  They’re super delish.

Here are a couple pics from Friday night:

Pam (Bachelorette in red) and her bridal party minus me.

The metal grate behind the girls was the inspiration for my color scheme in this photo… I wanted to give it a music video/grungy/urban vibe.  It’s fun to mess around in Lightroom.


And here is Steph (bridesmaid), Pam (bride) and me – being a goofball… trying to do a sexy face… but definitely more goofball than sexy. 🙂

The party continued Saturday night with a ridiculous hotel suite at the Bryant Park Hotel, where we pre-partied and then slept over. Dinner followed at a crazy scene of a restaurant called Beauty and Essex and at midnight, we left the restaurant to go dancing at the hot, sweaty alphabet city spot No Malice Palace, where we proceeded to shake our butts for three hours.  I have to say… I’m pretty much over the whole hot, sweaty bar/club scene (wine over dinner out is more my speed these days), but I do love myself some hip hop and it was fun getting my groove on.  Plus, I got to show off my rapping skills.  Really – in this little head of mine I’ve managed to store every word to hundreds of hip hop songs from high school and college and for a white girl from Massachusetts, I’ve got some serious flow.  Anyway, we got back to the hotel suite at four in the morning.   A crazy night for sure.  It’s nice to know I still have it in me every once in a while!

Meanwhile, I must have left my contact lenses in for too long and not slept enough because today my eyes are all watery and sore.  And you know how when your eyes tear, your nose starts to run too?  Like when you’re crying?  Well I’m a total mess today.  It’s not pretty.  I’m all stuffy and I’m in my glasses and I’m afraid to go outside because it’s super bright out.  So I think I’m going to continue to hibernate for the rest of the day.  A girl’s gotta rest after a weekend like that right?

Later this week Amie and I are planning another photo shoot with her beautiful Guatemalan pillows.  This time we’re going for an organic, overgrown natural look and we’re setting up shop in a little garden on our block.  I’ll report in on Thursday and hopefully I’ll have some shots to share with you then. Bye for now!


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