Ok… I admit it. I love TV.

When Adam and I moved to Brooklyn, we had some issues setting up cable.  Time Warner came to get us hooked up and then told us they would need access to our backyard to re-wire us for a signal.  Well – we don’t have access to our backyard (which is really the backyard of the apartment building around the corner).  Our building owner gave us the phone number of a random guy who lives in that building – but he never called us back.  Of course, I could walk over and try to connect with someone in that building to see if they’d help us out.  The only thing is that Time Warner gives you a six-hour window for when they’ll come.  It’s a really big hassle to coordinate a six-hour window on a weekday with a complete stranger.  Meanwhile, we never really liked Time Warner anyway, so we figured we’d look into other options.  I also felt it might be good for us to not have cable… we’d watch less TV and be more productive.  Right?

Now it’s three months later and I’ve had it.  I miss my TV.  I’m in complete withdrawal.  Adam’s been downloading episodes of our favorite shows from iTunes, which is helping us get by.  Direct TV uses a satellite and they can get us set up without access to our backyard – but they force you to sign a two-year contract, which I refuse to do – it’s the principle!!  I’m not signing a two-year contract with a near $500 penalty for a product I’ve never sampled before made by a company who’s service I know nothing about.  They can forget it!  (I’m stubborn.)

So here we are, still – with very limited TV.  The practical intellectual side of my mind says it’s good for us.  Watching too much TV is a waste of time – and so much of it is brain-sucking crap.  Take The Bachelorette for example.  I watched most of this last season on the internet and enjoyed every minute of it (while totally loathing myself).  I could be doing valuable things with those hours…  reading, cooking, learning a language, working on something creative, putting together our wedding album (yes, we were married two years ago and I have yet to tackle this one).  But I have to say… those hours spent lying on the couch watching TV – relaxing, being entertained, Adam rubbing my feet (I love you darling) – those are some of my favorite hours of the day.  I look forward to that time – we both do.   So while I’m a little disappointed in myself for being such a TV worshipper – I’m ready to face the facts and let it slide. I am who I am and I enjoy myself some daily TV time.

Any of you have guilty pleasures you’re not proud of?

Oh – and since I can’t stand posting something with at least one pretty image – here’s a photo I took a couple weeks ago at a little outdoor market in lower Manhattan.

Marilyn At The Market


3 thoughts on “Ok… I admit it. I love TV.

  1. I don´t have TV. It´s been three years now. Just like you, I´m stubborn. The deal here is that the company keeps changing the channels without prior notice and you have no option, either you accept it or … accept it!! So I watch my shows on the net. And I´m fine with that.
    But I have to agree with you, maybe it´s not the TV if not those hours when you let yourself be lazy.

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