I’m officially freaking out!!

Hi All –

I have wonderful news to share today.  Adam (the hubby) and his awesome first feature film (Hello Lonesome) just got nominated for an Independent Spirit Award!  He is one of five films nominated for the John Cassavetes award, which is awarded to a film that was made for under $500,000.  I’m seriously pretty much bouncing off the walls right now!  I’m just so happy for him.  He works so hard and has so much passion and GUTS!  I’m just thrilled he is getting a little extra recognition.  You inspire me darling (I know you’re reading).  I’m SOOO proud of you! 

Meanwhile, these awards are no joke.  They are held in LA and are televised nationally and the nominees are real deal… talented actors, directors, producers, etc.  Of course, they are held at the end of February and I will be nine months pregnant, so I’m going to have to watch on TV from my couch as Adam walks the red carpet!  Hopefully the excitement won’t send me into early labor!

So that’s that.  What a day it’s been.  I was shlepping around all day getting ready for a trip we’re taking tomorrow to The Bahamas.  Adam got invited back to the Bahamas International Film Festival – this year as a juror, so of course, I’m tagging along.  It’s a working “baby-moon” and probably our last before the little one comes along in March.  So for the next few days, we’ll be enjoying some sun, relaxation and LOTS of movies.  I’ll bring my computer along and will try to blog at least once from the festival.

Meanwhile, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday?  We had a wonderful dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s home in New Hampshire.  I actually think the food hit an all-time high this year.  Here’s Dan (the bro-in-law) w/our twenty-five pound super juicy turkey!  That’s one big bird.

Dan and his Turkey

In addition to the turkey Dan also made root veggies, stuffing and these totally ridiculous twice baked potatoes filled with sour cream, butter, cheese, bacon, and everything else yummy.  This was a Thanksgiving first:

Twice Baked Potatoes before they go into the oven for the second time around...

My mom helped out with a delicious butternut squash soup, cranberry sauce and last but definitely not least – the sweet potatoes with toasty marshmallows on top.  YUM.

I, of course, brought a cheese plate.  This year I went international with the following assortment:

  • La Tur – a soft and luscious mixed sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s milk cheese from Italy – total crowd pleaser and the favorite of most of the guests
  • Boucheron – a semi-aged goat’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley in France.  It comes in a log with a nice creamy layer just under the white bloomy rind.  I usually like this cheese very much – but I actually found this particular piece to be rather dried out and not at it’s prime.  That’s why it’s always best to have cheese cut fresh for you (if possible) or to go to a market where you know the turnover is high.
  • Manchego – a firm and buttery sheep’s milk cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain.  This one is fairly snacky and mild.  It was my dad’s least favorite of the four – but it was a few other peoples’ favorite.  Cheese love is an individual thing!
  • Uni Kaas Reserve Aged Gouda – this is one of those super caramelly, butterscotchy cheeses from Holland.  It is made with cow’s milk, has a darker orange color and has those little yummy crunchies.  I love this type of cheese – this tended to be the second favorite after the La Tur.

The cheeses were a hit (as always) – but every year we kick ourselves after because it’s impossible not to fill up a little on cheese beforehand (it’s just too yummy to refuse) and with a meal like this (including a twenty-five pound turkey) – you need all the room you can get.

Anyway – it was a lovely week with family and friends and it was Adam’s and my FIFTH Thanksgiving together.  I couldn’t believe it.  My how time flies.  Next year we’ll have an additional little family member joining us.  It sure is crazy to think about!

So – bye for now.  I’ll post in a couple days from the Bahamas!




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