And we’re back…

Greetings on this rainy, gray Tuesday.  I’m feeling very sleepy today – I am writing this while sitting at my computer cloaked in my zebra snuggie.  Oh how I love my snuggies.  Later this afternoon I’m going to head over to Buy Buy Baby to do some research on baby products.  I spent the entire flight there and back from The Bahamas reading the book Baby Bargains, which helped me narrow down the things I think we need for the little guy’s arrival.  Now it’s time to go check out this stuff in real life.  There is really so much to learn about!  Craziness.

But before I go, I’ll fill you in on the rest of our trip to the Bahamas for the 2011 Bahamas International Film Festival.  There were many positives and negatives about this trip.  I’ll start with the positives:

  • I managed to get a little (really… only a little) sun and the weather was pretty nice (high 70’s to low 80’s most days with some wind and clouds)
  • We met a lot of great contacts in the film world and talented people in general – many of whom live in Brooklyn!  And I’m sure we’ll keep in touch and get to know these people even better in the future.
  • We met Zoe Kravitz and enjoyed her interview while she was being honored as the “BIFF 2011 Rising Star”.  She was super poised, adorable and lovely and now I’m going to keep a look out for her work in the future.
  • We reunited with friends we met at the festival last year – one of whom is a local Bahamian and got us off the resort one afternoon and showed us a bit of the local flavor.  Here are a couple photos from our outing:

    A Statue in Downtown Nassau

    A ruined old building in downtown Nassau

  • Adam was a juror for the “First Look” competition, which included both short films and features made by Bahamian filmmakers.  This was a highlight for me – as I learned a lot about Bahamian culture and about the true essence of the Bahamas.  My favorite feature film in this category was called Amos Ferguson – Match Me If You Can and told the story of one of the Bahamas’ best known local artists.  Amos Ferguson seemed like a special soul and was a talented and passionate painter and I am glad to have learned about his story.  I found this film to be really touching and enlightening.  Here is a NY Times article about Amos if you’re interested in learning more.  And here are a few of his paintings:


Now… the negatives.  Although we were grateful to get away for a few days – this was really primarily a work trip vs. a vacation.  It didn’t exactly have that “baby-moon” vibe I was looking for.  And now – forgive me while I rant for a few minutes about the Atlantis Resort.

A view of the Coral Towers at the Atlantis Resort

Here is where The Atlantis falls way short in my book:

  • The resort is monstrous and has the vibe of Vegas, Disney World and a Cruise Ship mixed into one…  not exactly my cup of tea.
  • The food is TERRIBLE.  Yes… they have some nice dining options like Nobu and Mesa Grill – but dining here costs a fortune and the quality is not nearly as good as it is in their NYC counterparts.  For less expensive dining options, you basically have lots of fried, processed, gross food – that still costs way too much (we’re talking $40 for BREAKFAST!).  And then – everything closes at weird hours, so we often found ourselves with no available options except for the overly priced and totally disgusting room service (or mini bar, which we frequented due to a lack of better options.  I ate granola bars for dinner more than once).  To give you an idea about how terrible the food was – our favorite thing to eat during the entire trip was the movie theater pizza, which was supposedly from Domino’s, re-boxed and sitting under a heat lamp.  Yes – it was a sad state of affairs in the food department.  Hell… I was on vacation and lost two pounds.  That’s never a good sign for me.
  • There is NO relaxed vibe in this entire resort.  Although there are at least ten different pool areas – every single one of them comes with a DJ, who pumps bass-heavy music all day long.  I went in search of maybe one adult-only, quiet pool (I know – I’m getting old) and nope… there aren’t any.  So I sat as far away from the pool as possible next to a waterfall, which helped to drown out the sound of the music and the DJ so I could fit in a little reading.  Actually – I even called the front desk and complained on Saturday morning as we were awakened at eight-thirty am by bumping beats coming from the pool area closest to us.  Eight-thirty am?  Really?  We had been enjoying sleeping with our door open up until that point – listening to the waves and the palm trees blowing in the breeze but that joy died on Saturday morning.

So here’s what I’m thinking… If I never stay at the Atlantis resort again… that will be fine with me.  However – I am totally interested in experiencing the authentic essence and spirit of the Bahamas and I’d love to return for another visit – this time, departing from Nassau immediately and making my way to another island.  That being said – the festival was super generous and we were very honored to be asked to return this year.  And, as it was last year, the people we met and connections we made was truly the best part.

Now – I’m off to Buy Buy Baby!  Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “And we’re back…

  1. Did you stay at the Atlantis last time? Kathleen and I were only there for festival events and eating, but I was also completely unsettled/morally grossed out by everything. Pretty badass to stay at a hotel with Tiger Sharks swimming around you, but otherwise, that place is a monstrosity. Also, that was the only downside I remember to our lovely Bahamas adventure- I think I ate three or four meals the whole three days I was there, and one of them was a sandwich in the airport. Everything was processed, poorly made, lukewarm and, as you said, obscenely expensive.

    I’m glad you got to check out the Bahamian films and also see some of the beautiful local sights off the resort. Wish I could have joined you! Best of luck with all the baby buying!

    • Ugh YES! we stayed last year too. And it was terrible last year – I should have come more prepared!! You get it. It’s amazing to me b/c the whole place is dependent on tourism and making people happy and they just do so many things wrong. I wish I could consult with them and tell them how to make it right! Meanwhile, Buy Buy Baby was crazy overwhelming but got some major research accomplished. I’m trying not to get caught up in massive buying… but it’s hard!!

  2. I´m happy to know that you had a good time and spent time learning about the culture. A bonus to have met a local that showed you around, to have a real taste of the life in the islands.

    As for the resort, oh my, how much I relate to you!!! I simply cannot understand the loud music in swimming pools or any place where you go to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. But it´s fashion now, maybe? because I´ve been looking for swimming pools near my place to go after work and all of them play music so loud that I cannot relax!!!

    • It’s terrible right?? Though I remember going to Jamaica with friends when I was in my mid-20’s and we were drinking frozen drinks and loving the music by the pool. I think it happens as you get older. Now I cherish quiet time and the sounds of nature… that is why I like to go away from the city in the first place!

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