Holy Chicken Wings of Awesomeness

Some of you might remember my culinary ravings from our trip to Portland, OR back in April.  Two meals stuck out most for me from that trip – one of them being the four-course brunch menu served at Beast (one of the best meals of my life) and the other being the Spicy Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings from a place called Pok Pok that were just off the hook crazy delicious.  (For extensive photos and writings of these meals, check my blog post from the trip).  Meanwhile, it has come to my attention that Pok Pok is officially opening two locations right here baby…  a restaurant in Brooklyn on Columbia Street (a newly burgeoning foodie scene) and a smaller wings spot on the Lower East side come early 2012.  The deal was official as of the end of October and my mouth is watering just thinking about those fish sauce wings.  Who wants to join me opening week?!

Meanwhile, speaking of culinary amazingness… is anyone else watching The Next Iron Chef on Food Network?  Because it is currently my favorite show (keep in mind, we still don’t have cable and our TV has been rather limited – but still…) and this season, pitting culinary superstars against each other for the Iron Chef title, has been totally awesome!  I believe the finale is airing TONIGHT!  Now I want to go visit the restaurants of all these chefs… especially Chef Chiarello’s restaurant Bottega in Napa Valley.  Maybe I’ll add that to my list of things I want to do as a thirty-three year old.  Baby’s first trip?  Anyone know a good sitter in Napa?  Hmmmm.



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