We Weathered the Storm… With Chili.

Happy Halloween everyone (I started this post yesterday… now Happy November too)!

Here is our little “Kermit Theo Frog” on his first Halloween:

Wow… what a week it’s been.  We had storminess up in the Reid household this past week even before Sandy showed up.  As for the hurricane, thankfully, we live on a hill and besides some crazy wind, rain and green lightning (from explosions at the Con Ed plant), things were A.O.K for us during the storm.  We didn’t even lose power.  As a matter of fact, we got all cozy, cooked up some dynamite turkey and three-bean chili, popped open some bottles of red wine and had a dandy old time.  I feel a bit guilty now for enjoying myself so much.  The devastation in Manhattan and other parts of NY and NJ is absolutely horrific.  I feel terrible for those who had homes, cars and businesses damaged or destroyed and for those who are displaced from their homes or have no power for weeks.  We actually live around the block from Brooklyn Tech high school, which has been designated an evacuation shelter.  I just dropped off a bunch of magazines as they are looking for reading material to help people pass the time.  For once it seems all the hype was completely justified.

Meanwhile, before hurricane Sandy came along, we had our own bit of drama last week.  Theo woke up last Saturday with a high fever (over 102) and was sick for a couple days.  This was his first time being officially sick.  He’s had a cold before, but even with a cold, he is usually his normal happy, funny self – just with boogers all over his face and some fussiness at bedtime.  This time, he was not happy.  He was obviously uncomfortable and was super cranky.  We could barely put him down for a second without him getting upset.  He also woke up to nurse every two hours for three nights straight.   It was exhausting.

Then on Thursday, after he was all better, I was changing Theo on the changing table and literally looked away for a SECOND to dispose of his diaper when I hear THUMP.  WAIL!  I whipped around and to my horror, Theo was now on the floor (thank goodness for our thick shag rug), screaming.  He had rolled (dove?) right off the changing table.  I’d say it’s about a four foot drop.  I felt instantly sick.  I picked him up and held him close and kept saying, “you’re ok baby… you’re ok”.  My heart was beating like mad.  Did I break him?  Is he broken? I dialed my doctor and heard his normal “if this is an emergency, please call xxx-xxxx”.  It was not an emergency yet.  I had to assess the situation first before totally freaking out.  I decided to try to nurse him, as my magic boobs always seems to bring him the most comfort.  And… it worked.  He calmed down, nursed normal, and within minutes was smiling at me and giggling as if nothing had happened.  Then I called Adam and confessed.  He was wonderful and understanding.  I’m not sure I would have been as good if our situations had been reversed (I’m sorry babe… it’s true.  I’m glad it was me and not you!).  Then I called my mommy and burst into tears.  She made me feel better by telling me that I had both fallen off the changing table as well as down an entire flight of wooden stairs as a baby.  My sister had fallen off the changing table.  Her friend Elaine’s (who she was lunching with) son had fallen off the changing table.  Apparently it is a right of passage.  I remained a bit shaky for the rest of the day and was a bit afraid to let him take a nap for fear of a concussion – but all is well and he is fine and I’m glad to see how resilient the little dude is.  I also fear for the future and for all the bumps, bruises, broken bones and hurts our little man is going to have to endure.  It’s terrible to see your child experience pain or discomfort but I suppose it all goes along with territory of parenthood.

Meanwhile, by Friday at 7pm when Adam got home I was completely emotionally and physically spent.  I’d say it was my toughest week since the early days.  So – selfishly, I loved every minute of Adam being home on Monday and Tuesday because of Sandy.  It was just the recuperation time and family time I needed to feel strong and capable again.

Here is a picture of us during the hurricane.  We were standing inside our big iron gate – protected from the wind by our garage.  Theo’s first big storm!

(Note… all my little baby hairs growing back in thanks to months of hair loss due to having a baby.  Ahhh… motherhood is so glamorous).

OK – cutting this post now because Theo just woke up from his nap (after 35 minutes… not cool).  Thanks to everyone for reaching out and being concerned for us.  As you can see we are just fine but NYC has taken quite a beating and it’s going to be a while before things get back to normal again.  My thoughts are with my friends and their families who were affected by the disaster.

And to all my mommy friends… let our changing table trauma be a warning to you!  Don’t take your eyes off these little buggers for an instant!  Oye vey.


PS – here’s that recipe for the chili – thanks Cooks IllustratedCookography!  Only I improvised a bit.  I used turkey instead of beef – and I only had one pound (recipe calls for two).  So instead, I used the one pound of turkey and added an extra can of beans.  I only had one can of red kidney beans so I used that as well as a can of pinto beans and a can of black beans.  I also didn’t have limes or a red pepper so I just skipped those.  Everything else was to the recipe.  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “We Weathered the Storm… With Chili.

  1. Glad to hear you guys made it through okay. As for the fall, Selena has fallen off the bed 3 times now and she is now 20 months….twice with me and once with her father, and I was definitely more upset when she fell with her father. But they get up and keep it moving which I love. Also if you are worried about a concussion, just make sure to wake him up every 2 hours if need be.

  2. We moved the changing pad to the floor when my son was around 4 months old for this reason! But he managed to take a similar nose dive off our bed and scraped up his nose (there was blood!!!) and I was similarly traumatized. Feel your pain! Glad he was ok 🙂

  3. I am SO GLAD you posted this about Theo falling – of course it happened to Caleb today. Totally my fault, I left him on the bed for a minute and did not realize he has gotten speedy. I followed your healing protocol and crossing my fingers it’s just a bump. He too was smiling within minutes and had not learned his lesson – was heading for the edge a second time. Guess who is finally sleeping in a crib LIKE MAGIC.

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