A photo a day…

In order to become a better photographer, whether or not it becomes my career, serious practice is in order.  I attended a travel photography workshop at ICP today taught by Sharon Collins.  I found the workshop really inspiring me and it made me want to jump into my photography even more.  One of Sharon’s rules was ALWAYS have your camera on you and daily practice is best.  Which brings me to a project I am undertaking… I am going to post 1 photo every day for the next year.  I am scared that I am putting it in writing, but there it is.  This will force me to carry my camera with me all the time and will force me to practice.  It will also be a really strong indicator of what I’m drawn to photographically and how my style and skill improves over the course of the year.  It should be interesting.  So, without further ado, my first photo – taken outside ICP after  being inspired by Sharon’s workshop.  I call it “moon over midtown” because it looks like the one bird is mooning the camera.  Til tomorrow.

Photo #1 of the photo a day project


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