Meditations on 1983

Today was a good day.  I had a relaxing morning – made myself a delicious and simple breakfast:

a couple of eggs scrambled with feta, 1/2 a Bay’s English Muffin, which I bought at Murray’s – BEST English Muffin I’ve ever had… oh – and a little dab of butter with sea salt (also bought at Murray’s – they call it ‘crack butter’ there), which melted divinely on the muffin.

I’m trying to eat more fruits and veggies these days, so I also had a little ramekin on the side with some blackberries and a couple sliced strawberries along with a small glass of Wholefoods 365 brand freshly squeezed tangerine juice.  YUM.

Then I went to a beginner’s meditation class at the Interdependence Project It was my first time actually going to a teacher to try meditation.  It was challenging – my contacts felt dry, my feet felt like they were going to fall asleep, my back hurt and I almost dozed off.  Oh – and a million little thoughts kept popping into my head.  But the teacher explained how that’s what always happens.  She gave me a great analogy – that your mind produces thoughts like your stomach produces acid – it’s just what it does.  So the key is recognizing when your mind has wandered and then bringing it back in to focus each time.  She also gave me a more comfortable position to sit in, which really helped in the next 10 minute session.  I thought she was really nice and I enjoyed the class.  I’m going to try it on my own tomorrow morning.

After the meditation I got together with my friend Pam.  As we were walking, she pointed out these engraved stones on the brick building we were passing.  I like this one below – because it made me think of 1983.  I was 4 years old in nursery school.  At that age, I probably only loved my parents, my sister, my dogs and my grandparents… oh, and maybe a Cabbage Patch Kid or 2 (yes, the Cabbage Patch phenomenon started in 1983).  I think by the end there were 11 in my family.  We were privileged children.  Who did you love in 1983?


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