Projecting love from the roof…

So my photo for today is for my hubby… who is away in LA and I miss him very much.  He is the inspiration for this little photo experiment.  I took this from the roof of our apartment… I was trying to get a good clean shot first, by propping my camera up on a stuffed animal and doing the auto timer with a long shutter b/c it’s night time… but I couldn’t see the timer because it was so dark.  So instead, I ended up playing around with the lights of the cityscape (including the Empire state building front and center) and motion – and I made a heart motion with the whole camera while the shutter was open and this is the result.  Cheesy – yet cute.  Let it be known, that I’ve spent all day in the cheese caves at Murray’s – followed by a wine & cheese pairing class… hence, cheese got into my blood this evening.  🙂


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