Notes on being old…

I’ll start with this… I was having drinks with a friend of mine yesterday.  She is about 5 years younger than me, which surprised me when we first met, because she is so smart, and together, and just such a cool person.  I guess I generally assume that people who seem really together and cool are all older than me.  Wrong.  This is a realization I’m starting to become more accepting of as it keeps presenting itself over and over again.   Meanwhile, we were having drinks and she is talking about this other girl and says… “and she’s OLD!  She’s like 32!”  Meanwhile, I’m 31 – so this was such a funny moment for me.  My friend didn’t mean it – she meant that the other girl is older than she appears – because she looks so young.  But sheesh.   So yes, I’m becoming comfortable with the fact that to twenty-somethings… 31 is sort of old.  But you know what?  I’m happier than I EVER was in my 20’s.  In fact, the older I get, the happier I get – thus far.  I mean,  I still gave her the little verbal lashing that she deserved.  But it’s all good.

On another note… speaking of old, every Tuesday I volunteer for a few hours at the eldercare nursing home down the street from me.  (Everyone’s older than me there!!)  I started doing this back in November – shortly after returning home from my honeymoon.  I go in the morning for about 90 minutes to help with art class, and then I go back at 2pm for bingo.  Funny enough, I look forward to it every week.  The residents are such characters! They’ve all sort of lost their desire to be proper and cordial to each other – so there’s a lot of griping about one another – right in front of each other!   It’s hilarious.  It’s like elementary or early middle school, but they’re less afraid of others hearing what they’re saying.  So funny.  And last Thursday, one of the residents confessed to me that she likes women and that both her 2 husbands were gay!   There’s another man who is a scholar of old comics – he is like an encyclopedia and has published work… in fact, I believe he’s published work since being in the nursing home!  And then another, who went to Harvard and was a teacher, who apparently was super sexy and rode a motorcycle.  Now, many of them can barely keep up with Bingo and don’t really know what day it is or what’s going on.  It’s sad – and interesting.  I had a chat with the volunteer director today about living to that age – where you sort of lose it – and if it’s better to go younger & healthier before getting to that stage.  I don’t really know – but one thing I do notice, is that most of the residents I speak with are generally pretty happy where they are, despite all their griping.  It’s a little community.  Even with all the drama (and there is drama!) – it’s a home for them… a safe place where people know them and look after them, feed them, wash them, etc.  Every time I leave there, I feel filled and gratified just from talking to them and hearing their stories and making them feel interesting and important.  It’s been pretty cool – and grounding.  It definitely puts a little perspective on things.  I mean – you can work your whole life, and strive for success and money and glamour… but eventually, you get old – and to me, it seems the most important thing at that stage, is having people in your life who really love and care for you.  AND having experiences & memories that you can look back on and enjoy and be proud of.

Now… onto my photo of the day… today I’m actually posting two.  One is titled ‘Bizarro “date night”‘ – it is a movie poster for “Date Night” on the wall of the F train in the Carroll Street station that has been totally messed with – but in a really funny, bizarre and kind of artistic way.   Enjoy.  I did.

The second is this interesting little shed door that I passed while walking on Smith street b/w President & Union.  There were a few of these little huts in a row next to a circus-tent type thing.  I don’t know what it is… but I thought it was eye-catching and I like the shapes & the color – and the little padlock on the bottom right.  That’s all for now – to bed with me!


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