“Self Portrait – Taxi Mugshot Style”

One challenge with this photo-a-day project is finding the time to take the photos.  Take today for example, my morning got away from me… trying to figure out our new insurance plan, calling our doctors to see if they are part of it and helping my friend re-write her Jdate Profile.  Before I knew it, it was time for Murray’s.

Of course, today I was running super late, so I took a cab (I usually walk – good photo-taking time).   I spent about four hours in the caves, unloading massive amounts of cheeses and then I helped out with the Beer & French Cheeses class and got home at 9pm.   I seriously only took about 12 pictures today.  8 of them were in the back of the cab on the way to Murray’s – the other 4 were taken in the classroom – I tried to take pictures of the cheese plate, but I only had my 50mm lens and I couldn’t get enough distance from my plate without standing on a chair or something (totally just thinking of that standing on a chair thing now.)

I didn’t know what I was going to do for a photo when I got home, but looking again at my taxi cab self portraits, I thought this one was kind of cool… then I started playing around with the color and I gave it this cyanotype treatment (the blue tint).  To me – that really kicked the photo up a notch.  So, the lesson for me today is two-fold.  First, continue to take my camera with me every day, because even if I don’t take a lot of photos, I just need to take at least one.  Second, editing the photos is pretty fun – and can really bring a little magic and totally change the feel of the picture – it’s good to experiment.


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