A Master of Cheese Please…

My three-month Murray’s cave internship is winding down now with just one more week left in May.   Over the last three months, I have grown to both love and hate this internship experience.  On one hand, I met lots of cool people – my fellow interns, the awesome Murray’s mongers and some super passionate and knowledgeable classroom teachers.  I have also had some serious cheese exposure and have been tasting nearly every day!  On the other hand, my back and feet ache from all the manual labor, I smell like cheese most of the time (though I’m strangely starting to like it), and my poor hands are all dry and cracking from washing them 500 times a day.

So what next?  I am completely jazzed about this cheese thing.  The more I learn, the more I want to learn, which tells me I should keep moving forward with it.  And as I continue along the cheese path, I’m narrowing down my cheese-related interests.  For example, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a cheese maker.  But I’d like to know cheese makers and help them sell their cheeses.

My dream scenario for the moment is to apprentice with a cheese connoisseur in NYC and then perhaps eventually consult with restaurants/shops to help them develop their cheese programs.  I would love to travel around the U.S. and around the world, seeking out the most fabulous cheeses, meeting their makers and learning what makes each cheese special.  I’d love to judge cheese competitions!  YES… there are cheese competitions!  In summary, I’d like to be a master of cheese please.

Stay tuned for more cheese adventures.


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