Photo 18 out of 365 – “Sparkle”

I took this photo today in Cafe Cortadito – an adorable and scrumptious little Cuban restaurant on 3rd street between B & C.   To me, this is a very warm and festive photo – I love how the chandelier is all radiant and glowing.  It makes me feel like we’re in store for something magical!


2 thoughts on “Photo 18 out of 365 – “Sparkle”

  1. hi nell, it has been so much fun to see your 365 photo project and i think this is my favorite so far! it’s so sparkly, i would use it as a holiday card! and the shapes are sort of organic too, like an octopus or creeping vines or something. anyway, just a note to tell you these photos are so much fun to follow, and i think it’s really cool that you’re putting yourself and your work and your aspirations out there.

    • Thanks so much Kate! I really appreciate that you’re following along – frankly, knowing people are enjoying & following along is the part that keeps me excited to do it everyday!

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