Photo 20 out of 365 – “Golden Globes”

I took this shot of a store window while walking around in the East Village yesterday.  It was around 7pm and the light was getting harder to find… I was seriously hustling, trying to chase it down before it got too low and was blocked by all the buildings around me.  That’s one thing I’ve definitely learned thus far in this photo process…  light is EVERYTHING!  You can take a really cool shot, but if the light isn’t contributing somehow, it ends up looking flat and kind of boring (in my experience at least).

So it’s funny… a couple weeks ago, Adam had a shoot in LA.  As a filmmaker, he is very passionate about the tools of the trade, and pretty recently, a new line of SLRs came out that can shoot video as well as stills with tremendous quality.  Adam is beyond excited about it – you can read about his excitement in this blog post.

Anyway, Adam was chomping at the bit to get one of these new cameras and the day before leaving for LA, he could no longer wait (I wanted to wait for our tax return… so responsible), so we tracked down one of the only remaining Canon Rebel EOS T2i cameras in the NYC metropolitan area… score.   This model apparently has the identical level of quality for shooting video as the more expensive 7D model at nearly half the price.  It also shoots a higher quality of still photos than the much older camera I was previously using – the 20D and it is WAY lighter, which comes in handy when you’re schlepping it around with you every day.

Adam took the camera to LA and was gone for 5 days.  I, meanwhile, was happily shooting away with my 20D – not really caring about this new camera (I am typically resistant to adopting new technologies).  When he returned home with the camera, I decided to give it a spin and I seriously have not put it down since.  I have totally stolen Adam’s new camera.  It’s just so dainty and light and fits perfectly into my little hands.  And the LCD monitor is SO much bigger – it is much easier to see the shots you’re getting as you’re getting them.

Yesterday, when I went out on my photo romp for the day, the Rebel’s battery was dead from Adam shooting Jones Street Station‘s awesome show in Williamsburg the night before.  Oh well… I picked up the 20D and went on my way.  I am telling you… I can’t go back.  Adam’s been saying it since the beginning and I was being all practical, but now I am convinced.  We are going to have to buy ANOTHER Rebel now!  A bit over-indulgent perhaps – but hey, it’s 2 cameras for the price of the 7D, which is what we originally going to buy so I can easily rationalize.  Besides, we’re a newly married couple… we can’t be fighting over our camera equipment!  That would be absurd.  So there you have it… I just got our tax return and I’m putting some of that aside for our second Rebel. I just hope they’re not all sold out now!

The funniest part of all this – is that before Adam, I had a big old TV (no flat-screen HD), I never owned my own computer and I didn’t even have an internet connection in my apartment.  He has turned me into a little tech geek – and I love it!


6 thoughts on “Photo 20 out of 365 – “Golden Globes”

  1. I love you my sweet geek in training. This doesn’t shock me though. You were already so much better than me at using the TV remote and setting our nightly alarm. It was only a matter of time before you turned into Iron Woman with a Mac and Canon on your person at all times. Not to mention I love it when you talk nerdy.

  2. Uh oh, I was just going to submit a comment such as “Don’t let Jesse know about this camera…” too late. (although his “techness” has also rubbed off on me and I secretly crave the Rebel too!)

    I miss our SLR. 😦

    • Omg. I have not put down the rebel since we got it. I’m obsessed… but you’re not so tech-deprived rolling all fancy w/your ipad. 🙂

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