Photo 21 out of 365 – “Old School Canon” & Northern Spy Food

I took this picture on the subway yesterday on my way to Murray’s.   This guy was standing next to me and my camera was all packed up in my bag, but I saw his camera and just had to snag a photo.  I was going to ask his permission first, but he was listening to his ipod and was totally oblivious to me checking him out… so I just went ahead.  I only  had time for one shot before he got off the subway, but I got exactly what I wanted!   I looked up the model – Canon FTb and it was manufactured in 1971!   Cool.

On another note, Adam and I had a scrumptious brunch this morning with our friends Dave & Lucy at  Northern Spy Food Co. on 12th between A & B.  I had heard good things and boy… we were NOT disappointed!  I ordered the slow-whisked scrambled eggs with house-made sausage and grilled potato & rosemary bread.  Adam ordered the Corn Beef Hash with Heritage beef brisket and poached eggs.  Both dishes were amazing – the sausage was TO DIE FOR – like a big juicy sausage meatball – super flavorful!!  We also split a kale (shredded) salad with clothbound cheddar, sweet potato (though I think they served it to us with turnips today instead) and almonds.  This was also delicious – the first time I’ve ever really swooned over kale!  It is an adorable and cozy little place and I am definitely excited to go back for dinner (or brunch again).

And finally – here is photo I took of a cheese called Capricious.  It is an aged goat cheese from Achadinha Goat Cheese Company in Sonoma County and apparently, it is pretty hard to come by.   It is a crazy looking cheese!   I tried it at Murray’s yesterday and I liked it – it reminded me of a goat cheese version of a parmagiano.

Adam and I are taking off tomorrow morning for Sonoma (perhaps a visit to above cheese maker is in order), so my photos for the next week will have a little west coast flave!  Of course, I’m hauling my laptop & camera with me… in fact, this is my first trip with my laptop in tow.  We’re growing very attached.


4 thoughts on “Photo 21 out of 365 – “Old School Canon” & Northern Spy Food

  1. I am curious how you took the picture of the camera. Did you actually kneel down next to the guy and snap it and he was completely oblivious? If so, hilarious.

    • no… definitely didn’t kneel. I did crouch down though. I was using my 50mm, so it looks like I was right up against him, but I was a couple feet away – enough that he didn’t notice my existence. There was another guy watching me – he was amused.

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