Photo 24 out of 365 – “Majestic Giants” & Childhood Nostalgia

Yesterday we took a hike through a Redwood forest.  It was magical.  The redwoods are gigantic – hundreds of feet tall and so sturdy – some of them growing in that spot for over a thousand years through earthquakes and fires.  It is a powerful feeling being in the midst of something that old and solid.  Whenever I am in a forest like this – or actually, even in the little overgrown wild garden on my block in the east village, I feel like a little kid again.  The wonder, excitement and discovery that goes along with being immersed in nature – surrounded by an environment that completely dwarfs you – I guess that’s probably what little kids feel like all the time!  Perhaps that’s why it brings me back.  I recommend visiting some woods sometime soon and getting a little dose.


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