Photo 25 out of 365 – “Sophia”

This is a photo of Adam’s adorable niece Sophia.  Yes, she’s got strawberry juice all over her face from her afternoon snack, but in my opinion, it only adds to her ridiculous cuteness.  Besides, she smelled just like a little strawberry shortcake doll I remember from my childhood – sweet & delicious!  Sophie, along with her 6 year old brother Eli have been entertaining us all week.  Life is never dull around a two year old and a six year old – that’s for sure!

Meanwhile, I think my favorite part of this photo project thus far, is that it has inspired other people to jump in and start practicing their photography too.  There are now nine people doing this project with me with others on the way and that is the COOLEST!  I’ve been enjoying it immensely, though it is definitely a challenge.  Take tonight for example.  Today was a busy day and I seriously have not taken one photo yet and it’s 8 o’clock CA time.  Now I’m stressing…  my photo of the day tomorrow will have to be  one taken within the walls of the Doubletree Hotel in Burlingame, CA.  Should be interesting…  though it is true, that sometimes inspiration comes where you least expect it.  Stay tuned and we’ll see how it turns out!


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