Photo 26 out of 365 – “The Library Lounge”

I like this photo because it looks (to me) like it was taken in some nightclubish setting.  The truth is, it was taken last night in the hotel lobby lounge… an empty, stodgy, yellow-lit room, which did not at all resemble a night club.  I didn’t really love any of my photos this morning when I loaded them (the Doubletree lobby proved to be not so inspirational after all) – so I chose my top five and ended up totally messing around with them in Lightroom.

Here is the original photo:

Boring right?  To get the other look, I made the color temperature much cooler, upped the exposure a bit, added a little more contrast and played around with the saturation of the individual colors.  To me, it totally changed the feel of the whole image, which I think is pretty cool.


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