Photo 32 out of 365 – “Copper Angel” & Yesterday’s Seinfeld Moment

This is a photo of a Telly Award.  There is a case full of them at Northern Lights/Bodega, where Adam works.   By the end of the day yesterday, I didn’t have any photos I really liked and I was with Adam at his office looking around for inspiration.  The award case was perfect, because it has a light inside shining on all the statues and making them gleam.  I wanted a very shallow depth of field so that the awards in the background would be out of focus and I love how it turned out… with just glints of light bouncing off them in the background.

Meanwhile, I had such a Seinfeld moment yesterday.  After my doctor’s appointment, I was on Fifth Ave and 84th street at around noon, waiting for a bus to take me down to the East Village.  With that sort of ride, I was hoping for a limited bus so it wouldn’t take me twelve hours to get downtown.  Unfortunately, I saw the limited bus pulling away from the stop right as I arrived, so ten minutes later, when a regular bus came, I hopped on.

The bus was crawling down Fifth ave. between stopping every 3 blocks and lunchtime traffic.  Finally, twenty blocks later a limited bus caught up with us and stopped at the same stop – right in front of us.  I saw that limited bus and was determined to get on, so when the doors opened, I took off, running ahead to catch the other bus. There was another woman with me who was doing the same thing – and as we approached the limited bus door, the driver started to pull away.  Then he got stopped at the red light about ten feet forward from the bus stop.  We ran up to the door and knocked and he wouldn’t open it for us.  We persisted… he was stopped at a light anyway, and in my opinion, it was crappy of him not to wait for people like ourselves, stuck on the non-limited bus right behind him.  The limiteds are hard to come by!  He should know that!

Anyway, after much knocking and mouthing our grievances through the bus door, he finally opened it and let us on, insisting he could get fired for picking us up away from a designated stop.  Whatever – he should have waited a minute longer.

So this other woman and I sit down, relieved to have made it on to the bus and then all these old women on the bus started saying stuff to us… “you are really lucky he stopped”… “he could get fired for that”… “not too many bus drivers would stop for you – you should be thankful”…. blah blah blah.  I felt like I was being attacked! And I’m the type of person who always says thank you to the bus driver when I get off… I’m very respectful and friendly and I resented all these women butting in and misjudging me!  I wanted to explain the story from my point of view… but then I figured – oh well, it wasn’t worth the energy and at the end of the day, I know I’m a good person, so who cares if these women think I’m an ungrateful rude New Yorker?  So – I let it go.  I went and sat in the back of the bus, read my book and enjoyed my speedy ride downtown on the limited.


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