Photo 31 out of 365 – “Donation”

I took this photo in Union Square yesterday while hanging out with my friend Wendy.   I paid this man a dollar (featured) in exchange for a couple photos.  My new challenge for myself is to take more photos of people.  I actually get the most satisfaction out of my people shots.  People are so fascinating and expressive – especially if you can catch them in a candid situation.  It is so challenging though… you’d think in a city of millions and millions, capturing people on camera would be easy – but it’s not.  People are sensitive about having their photo taken.  I wish I could borrow Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak – I’d have a field day snapping away at just about everyone around me!  I just feel so awkward sitting there with a camera pointing at  a stranger.  Plus, then do I have to get permission for putting their photo up on my blog?  I don’t know – the whole thing gives me anxiety.

However – after yesterday’s picture taking, I really love the ones I took of people.  I think I just have to establish some kind of rapport with them first.  Then they can continue to go about their business and I can snap away without feeling like a creep.  Like this guy above – I paid him, so he stood there for me and let me take a few shots. I also loved this shot I took of a boy who was tossing around the frisbee with Wendy… he knew I was taking pictures, but after a minute, he just started ignoring me and I got to do my thing.  So, I plan on taking more people-centric shots in month #2.  I’m sure as with anything, it gets easier with practice.  Month #2 – here I come.


7 thoughts on “Photo 31 out of 365 – “Donation”

  1. Today’s pictures are great Nell. You seem really happy and doing things that you are passionate about. I hope you are doing well. Would love to catch up!!

    • Thanks so much Jen – can’t believe you’re following! I love it! Yes – would love to catch up – I know it’s been a while. My internship at murray’s is over after this week and then my schedule is chilling out a lot. Let’s make a plan.

    • Thanks Jesse! How are you liking your ipad?? Adam is starting to want one now… he was all prepared to wait, but now some of his friends (including you) have one and I think he’s getting the fever. 🙂

      • Loving my iPad. Doesn’t leave my side. Which means Erin loves it too. Haha. Easy to carry around battery life is outstanding and is very responsive. Great for web browsing and blog reading!

  2. Great capture.
    The pros that I’ve read say the best way to get a photo of a stranger without being noticed is to set the focal length and let the camera hang from your neck and snap without looking through the viewfinder. That way, people are not self aware and go about their normal routines. Also, taking photos of strangers is a tricky thing. If you’ll read laws concerning that, you’ll find that (unless you’re in a country that prohibits photos for whatever reason), unless you use the photo for commercial reasons, you don’t need a release if it was taken in a public place.

    • Thanks for the advice Judy. I sort of started trying that on the subway yesterday by using the live screen to take pics instead of looking through the viewfinder. I am totally going to try that moving forward. People noticed me much less when my face was not pressed into the camera pointing it at them! Tell me – do you shoot in manual mostly? or in another setting? I shoot mostly in aperture priority – but my friend’s teacher said professional photographers should ALWAYS be shooting in manual. Thoughts?

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