Photo 30 out of 365 – “Yellow One” & Los Angeles Film Festival Here We Come!!!

I took this photo on my way to the Tompkins Square farmer’s market in the East Village yesterday.  I spotted this VW as I was crossing the street and was compelled to take a photo.  Even with the rest of the world in color, this VW’s bright yellow stuck out to me and made it look like there was a spotlight shining on it.  That is what gave me the idea to make everything else black and white and keep the bug in color.  I titled the photo “Yellow One” because if you haven’t seen it yet, VW is out with an advertising campaign bringing back the game of punching whoever you are with when you see a VW and calling out the color… “Yellow one!!”

Adam just shot a commercial for VW & USA Network a few weeks ago highlighting a family playing this game, so this photo is in honor of that spot!

Now – speaking of Adam, I have exceptionally exciting news to share!  Adam’s first feature film Hello Lonesome has been selected to have its world premier at the Los Angeles Film Festival this June!  Hello Lonesome is one of only nine films in the narrative competition and was selected out of thousands of submissions.  It is truly a mind-blower!  Here is the trailer… if you like it, leave a comment on YouTube.  We are trying to generate as much excitement as possible before the premier on June 18th, 2010 at the Regal Cinema in downtown LA!

I am just totally beside myself excited about this adventure.  When Adam and I first met, he had already written the script and was trying to secure funding to get the film made.  That proved to be a slow and arduous process – so without hesitation, he decided to go for it himself.  We funded the film together with help from some friends and family and with LOTS of favors from amazing people: donated locations, generous actors, editors, musicians and artists who worked for minimum or no pay and a tiny and nimble crew who also worked for minimum pay.  I was able to sit in for a few of the shoot days and it was a total thrill to see such passionate people working together to make this little film come to life.  It felt magical from the start and now we get to show it to the world!

Stay tuned for more details and go become a fan of Hello Lonesome on Facebook for all the latest news about the festival!


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