Photo 36 out of 365 – “Epic Breakfast Sandwich”

This is a photo of the gorgeous and mouthwatering breakfast sandwich that Adam made for me yesterday morning.  Adam is actually the king of breakfast.  I tend to cook most of our other meals, but on the weekends, breakfast is 100% Adam’s domain.   I do contribute, however in the gathering of our breakfast sandwich ingredients.   Everything you see here was bought at Murray’s.  Friday was my last day with an intern’s discount, so I stocked up… bacon, english muffins, 5 types of cheeses, honey, chocolate, vinegar, crackers, cheese wires, cheese papers, crack butter (sea-salted butter that is addictive like crack), brisket pastrami, sopressata, pear mostarda, marcona almonds, pickles, dill pickle potato chips and a baguette.  YUM.

So here’s the breakdown on this breakfast sandwich… the eggs are all-natural, from Feather Ridge Farm in the Hudson Valley.  The bacon is from Iowa – Vande Rose Artisan Dry Cured Bacon (FREAKING AMAZING).  The

cheese is Cabot Clothbound Cheddar – a phenomenal cheese and by far the best cheddar I’ve ever tasted.  It won “Best of Class” at the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin.  Adam and I freak out over it every time we eat it.  It has that cheddary taste you know and love, but has so much more complexity… the little crunchy crystals (Tyrosine) that you typically find in a Parmigiano Reggiano, a subtle flavor of sweet toasty caramel and an earthiness that reminds you that it’s been slowly and patiently aging underground in Vermont caves.  It’s ridiculous cheese and I highly recommend that you blow your mind by trying it sometime soon.

Adam also added a thin layer of the brisket pastrami I bought at the Murray’s counter (a novel addition to the usual breakfast sandwich) and all of this was served on a perfectly toasted Bays English Muffin (puts Thomas’s muffins to shame!)

There you have it – the perfect breakfast sandwich, compliments of Adam & Murray’s.  Just goes to show you, when you have wonderful, quality ingredients, the simplest dish can become absolutely extraordinary!


9 thoughts on “Photo 36 out of 365 – “Epic Breakfast Sandwich”

  1. Nell did you get that message I sent to you about Jasper hills? Those caves are ten minutes from where I grew up.

    • That is so crazy Jesse! My friend I interned with at Murray’s is doing another internship there this fall – I totally want to go and visit. Have you ever checked it out?

  2. Crack butter. Cabot Cheddar?! I surrender! Nell, you’re in charge of making me fatter faster. Get Adam on that grill as fast as possible.

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