Photo 37 out of 365 – “RATS”

I debated whether or not to post this photo because truthfully, it horrifies me every time I look at it.  Especially that one really bony skinny rat foot in the bottom middle.  Ew.  Sorry.  I just vomited in my mouth.  But then I figured… what the hell?  At least it’s evocative and will result in a response of some sort whether it be a gag, a shudder, nightmares… what have you.

I took this photo yesterday in a really cool gallery Adam and I happened upon while taking an afternoon stroll through the hood.  The gallery/shop is called The Future Perfect located on Great Jones Street and they had some of the most unique art/furniture/objects I’ve ever seen – quite strange stuff… some kind of dark… most kind of quirky… all very interesting.  The rats above are actually part of a lamp called “Rat Swarm” created by an artist named Alex Randall.  The lamp features 27 taxidermic rats swarming and clawing at each other to reach the light at the end of the lamp.  Here is a photo of the lamp in its entirety, which I found on

Whew… well I will not be  purchasing this lamp anytime soon (no offense to Alex).  It is sort of my hell… I am not much of a fan of rodents.  Oh, and I find it really interesting that Alex is female.  Anyone else?  That was a big shocker to me when I went on her website.  Maybe that was sexist thinking, but I figured only a male would dream up a lamp like this.  Go figure.


3 thoughts on “Photo 37 out of 365 – “RATS”

  1. Ugh. You’re right. It’s pretty disgusting. Of course, that’s not to mention that Alex doesn’t know his mice/rats. Since they’re nocturnal, they would never swarm toward a light. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting this. I’d bet he did it just for the reaction.

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