Photo 41 out of 365 = “Big Rock”

This photo is from the Moby awards ceremony last night.  A couple of the guys in our party (Adam included) were drinking scotch and the scotch on the rocks was served with one big iced cube – a “big rock”.  I had never seen this before and thought it was pretty sexy.  Don’t you agree?

So now it’s 11:11 pm on Friday night and I am officially in a cheese coma.  Today was a busy cheese day.  I met with someone to discuss a potential sales job in the cheese world and he took me on a sales call in Brooklyn, where I tasted about 9 different cheeses.  That was at around 3pm.  Then, at 6:30, I started my first cheese boot camp session, where I tasted an additional 14 cheeses in 3 hours!  RIDICULOUS.  Of course I cleaned my plate.  Each cheese is just a small taste… and I can’t bear to leave any of those salty, creamy, luscious cheeses on my plate!  Hell no!  So – now I have a bit of a stomach ache again…  I know… self control Nell… self control!!!  And tomorrow we start bright and early at 10 am for another 6 hours of cheese classes.  Followed by another 6 hours of cheeses classes on Sunday.  I’m a little nervous my body won’t be able to take it!

On another note, I am just SO stoked about this film festival!  For those of you who don’t know already, Adam’s film, Hello Lonesome, is going to be having it’s world premier at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 18th.   Things are getting pretty hectic over here… Adam is doing all the final touches on the film and making it perfect.  I have been in total coordination mode… planning everyone’s travel, booking an after-party, hiring a publicist (DONE), etc.  Before the festival starts, Adam gets to go on a retreat with the other directors who have films in competition and they will be staying at Skywalker Ranch – George Lucas’s creative headquarters in the Sonoma area.  He’s totally giddy excited about it – it’s pretty unbelievable.  I’m sure he’ll be sharing about it in more detail soon in his blog (

Oh – and also…Adam just launched a new site for Hello Lonesome so be sure to check it out!  It’s awesome – please visit it, share it, facebook fan it, twitter it…  we are spreading the word… this is a grassroots effort baby and we need all the support we can get!


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