Photo 40 out of 365 – “Bite”

This photo is of a bite from our dinner at Jacks Luxury Oyster Bar on 2nd Ave & 6th street.   We had a fabulous meal there last night.  I have been wanting to have dinner here since my co-intern at Murray’s (who goes to every good restaurant, is extremely picky and hates almost everything) told me it was awesome.  They offered a 6 course tasting menu (including dessert) for $55 – a STEAL for a good restaurant in NYC.  We went with our very fun food appreciator friends, Amie, Rob, Kelly & Val and we were all really impressed with the meal. It was probably a top dinner experience in NY period – and for much cheaper than some other memorable (and not so memorable) NY dining experiences.

The 3 females ordered the tasting menu and the 3 males picked dishes a la carte.  Everything we tasted was masterfully prepared, beautiful and delicious.  We started with oysters (I cannot remember the variety we had – there were 4 different types available).  They were really enjoyable – served with a yuzu foam.  I am not typically an oyster person, but I can get into them sporadically.  I really liked the citrus taste the yuzu foam contributed to the dish – but the flavor of the sea definitely did linger on my palate for quite a while after… seriously – the sea.  I think that is something people usually like about oysters.  I am a bit of a seafood newby… so I am still acquiring a taste for the sea.

The meal followed with a scallops crudo with a spiced chili oil, then a tilefish with little diced roasted potatoes, then a confit of arctic char and finally skirt steak with a mashed parsnip puree and crispy brussel sprout leaves.  There were definitely some additional elements in all of these dishes that I can’t exactly recall, but regardless, this meal was a real winner on all levels.  The service was good, the food was inventive, subtle, light, satisfying and beautiful.  I would not hesitate to go back again – especially if they change their tasting menu regularly.  I trust the chefs there know what they are doing… and I am a fan.

The head chef there now is a guy named Brendan McHale.  He was there last night – with 2 other chefs, preparing every artful dish in a small counter area behind the bar… right out there in the open for everyone to see.  So… truly good times at Jack’s Luxury Oyster bar.  We will be back someday for sure.

On another note, we got home a little while from the Moby awards.  Adam and his company did a kick-ass book trailer for Seth Graeme Smith’s book – Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter and it was nominated for an award this evening. Buzz kill… we didn’t win.  But it was one of only five nominated out of hundreds of trailers… so we have to feel good about that.  Hopefully we’re saving all our luck for the big prize at the LA Film Fest in 4 weeks.  Yes – please keep all fingers and toes crossed for that one.


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