Photo 39 out of 365 – “Droplets”

This photo is in honor of yesterday’s rainy weather.  As I mentioned, I didn’t leave the house due to the combination of not feeling well and the nasty weather outside, so I had to get creative inside the apartment.  I experimented with things like taking pictures of the gas burners on the stove and shining a flashlight on different objects in the dark (Adam’s suggestion).  In the end, this picture is my favorite because just looking at it makes me feel like it is a rainy day and I am looking out the window.  It transports me.

This has actually been the most challenging week for me thus far with the 365 day photo project.  I am feeling a little tired of my surroundings and less inspired to take pictures.  We were discussing over dinner (an amazing dinner I will write about tomorrow) and decided that it would be fun for me to focus on different assignments with the project… to mix it up.

I first read about the 365 day photo project in a book called Photo jojo.  It is an awesome book, which gives you all sorts of fun project ideas to take on with your digital camera.  They suggested choosing an adjective at the start of your day and taking pictures of scenes that fit that adjective – like… greasy or flamboyant!?  Or choose a color… and all day only focus on photographing things that represent that color.  Adam recommended that for one day, I can only take a single photo and that has to be the one I post.  I think taking on assignments like that sounds like a fun challenge.

So – if you have any ideas for an adjective or a color or something you’d like to see in a photo, let me know.  I still have 326 more photos to post, so I’m open to suggestions.  Maybe I’ll pass the challenge on to the other 9 people that are now doing this project with me and we can all do it together!

Side note – thank you to Barry Cooper for giving us this lovely crystal that hangs in our window.  As you can see… it continues to inspire me.


2 thoughts on “Photo 39 out of 365 – “Droplets”

    • oooh – that sounds like a good idea. I am primarily using my 50mm fixed and I must say I’m feeling ready to play around with something new. Maybe I’ll check into a rental to mix things up. I’d like to play with both a wide angle and a macro lens.

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