Photo 45 out of 365 – “Cobblestone Coastline”

I took this picture on Bond street yesterday.  It was late afternoon – probably around 5:30 or so and the light was really warm and awesome and it made the cobblestones shine.  Adam said he thought the puddle looked like a miniature coastline.  We thought it would look cool to add little mini sunbathers and umbrellas along the beach (sidewalk) by the water (puddle) – sort of Riviera style.  That can be a future Photoshop project… though I must confess, I’m still totally scared of Photoshop.  I tried to do an “easy” online tutorial and thought it was super confusing and gave up.  I’ll go back to it at some point soon… it’s just that Adobe Lightroom is so easy to use. Why must you be so cryptic Photoshop??!!!


2 thoughts on “Photo 45 out of 365 – “Cobblestone Coastline”

  1. Hi Nell,

    I must be a purist because I like it just the way it is!
    Adding sunbathers and unbrellas is ‘kitchy’ if you know what I mean….
    Each to his own….I like the pure art that you shoot!!
    Great eye!

    LV & HUGS,

  2. Dear Nell,

    I agree with your Mom: this shot is wonderful! I found it through Google Image and was wondering if you sell/license your photos. I work in the marketing department of a college in Springfield, MA, and this gritty cobblestone would be the perfect background for a print piece we plan on sending to prospective students. Feel free to reach me through the comments or at

    All best,


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