Photo 47 out 365 – “Sweet Purple Pom Pom”

It is 11:53pm and Adam and I are finishing up our last-minute packing for New Orleans.  We are leaving for the airport at a lovely 4:45 am so this will be short and sweet.  I stumbled upon these gorgeous flowers as I stepped into line at Shake Shack in Madison Square park yesterday.  If you can believe it – I did not order a cheeseburger – only fries and a lemonade (major self-control).  Shake shack has some pretty ridic cheeseburgers – but I’m still trying to keep it on the lighter side since my cheese marathon last weekend.  Plus – I had to save myself for po’boys and everything else New Orleans this weekend!  And yes, I’m bringing my computer down south with me so I can post!  I’m excited to be getting another change of scenery.  That always makes for an interesting photo of the day!  New Orleans here we come!!  Now – I’m going to bed for 4 hours.


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