Photo 52 out of 365 – “Framed”

I took this photo inside a frame store on my way to the farmer’s market yesterday.  I was walking happily along when I stumbled across a discount frame basket sitting outside the shop.  I found all these cool different sized black frames with gold beading for $10, $5 and $3, which I thought would go perfectly in our newly decorated bathroom!  All the frames were without glass and backings… just the frames, so I didn’t exactly know how that would work… but I brought them inside and the man who owns the shop put backings and glass in them all for $5 a pop.  Amazing!  I actually took pictures of him stapling the fasteners onto the back (never seen this done before and was fascinated), and we had a conversation about photography.  I told him about my photo project and before I knew it… he was pulling out large framed photos that he had taken himself.  He is evidently a photography enthusiast as well and we shared a sweet little 15 minutes together chatting about photography while he showed me his work.  Then he gave me a discount!  Now I have a reason to print out some of my favorite photos from the 365 photo project and display them in our new bathroom.  Fun.

I wrote half of my New Orleans post earlier today and then had to leave to catch Sex & The City 2 with my friend Lucy… which, going into it with the lowest of the low expectations… I have to say that I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I mean – it was totally over the top in a million ways, but I laughed and I cried… and I think I actually enjoyed it just as much as I did the first SATC movie, which is not as much as I enjoyed the first several seasons of the show… but, still… some serious enjoyment in effect.  It surpassed my low expectations with flying colors.

So – more photos, food talk & wedding extravaganza from New Orleans tomorrow.


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